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IMPORTANT: Please take the time to read the following information and save it for reference.
Client Guide & Assignment INFO
 • Setting Appointments
    The attorney's office, not the client, should contact the studio. Please advise your client that
I will then be calling him/her to make/schedule
an appointment to do photographs.
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Contact Us
Credible Legal Images is here to be of service to you, your clients and your case.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requests, or assignment details.
 •  Scars/Injuries
    Photos of your client's scars/injuries are taken either at the client's home/workplace or at a law office. One photo will include the client's face for identification purposes. (With prior notice and proper scheduling it is possible to photograph more than one client at the same legal office location.)
 •  Accident Scenes
 In addition to photos/views, various measurements are taken at the scene for the "Notice of Claim."
Dependent on site and incident circumstances,
a photo overlay diagram with camera POV's and pertinent measurements is usually made, and a color laser print included in the basic services fee.
(Enlargements or a digital PDF file are available.) 

– Traffic Accident Scenes 
include measurements of the intersection,
as well as, from where the photos were taken.

– Pedestrian Slip, Trip & Fall
incident sites include (when appropriate) measurements to the adjacent building/structure, curb and/or nearest cross street.
Note: To ensure maximum clarity of details and avoid harsh, conflicting shadows, it is usually beneficial (or mandatory) to have an overcast/ cloudy day for outdoor accident site photography.
Also: For safety reasons, heavily trafficked roadways and/or accident sites may be limited or
restricted to early Sunday morning documentation.
An overcast day may also be required for clarity.
 •  "Darkness" of an incident scene
    Avoid photographs that are supposed to demonstrate the "darkness" or "brightness" of a site/scene.
"Dark" photos will give you problems in court; because the digital file (or film) and the print can be manip-ulated during exposure, post-processing or printing
to make the scene look lighter or darker. Also, photo-graphic materials cannot handle as much contrast as the human eye, and the scene in the photograph 
will not look the same as the way the eye sees it.
Turn-around Time •
Normal turn-around time for 8x12" enlargements is 5-7 days from the time of assignment; 
4x6" prints can be had sooner. 
If rush service is needed, either for doing the assignment the same day, or for receiving the prints sooner, a surcharge is applied. 
(Please advise the studio as to your specific
needs or deadlines; and we will do our best 
to accommodate your requirements.)
Labels for Prints/Photos •
Laser labels, with file number and image description, are adhered to the back of each print; for easy reference a separate printout of all the print/information labels is included. 

The studio job number is in the format:
YY MM DD - HH.JJ - NNN.jpg
(the blank spaces here are for readability) 
YY=year, MM=month, DD=day, - HH=hour, JJ=(my info), NNN= image/file number, 
then image format extension 
(e.g. 140523-10.1 001.jpg).
Reprints •
Are available at anytime, up to 30x40" 
with mounting. Please plan ahead.

Mounting of Prints/Photos •
Prints can be mounted on presentation board
for an additional charge.

Note: Making copies of a CrLgImgs supplied print on a copy machine—or re-scanning and printing on an all-in-one desktop printer—does not approach the quality of a professional photographic reprint, and violates copyright protection
Also: If required to testify in court the author (CrLgImgs) can only testify to the veracity of images/prints that the studio has directly 
produced and supplied to an attorney or firm.
Digital Files •
To ensure the integrity of the evidence and 
maintain the chain of custody, all image materials created by the studio are kept on file and, 
as standard policy, not released. 
(See also the Noted information above re: Reprints.)