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Typical Assignments  2010~2017
– Steel curb edging, sidewalk, negligence, slip-trip & fall, Upper Eastside, Manhattan.<BR>In front of convenience store and adjacent to a fire hydrant; multiple signs of disrepair.
– Medical malpractice, close-up, foot scarring, adult female, Bronx, NY.
– A sidewalk maintenance, negligence, slip-trip & fall case, Bronx, NY.
Multiple points/sites of damage in front of the residence required more<BR>than the typical 6-8 views/images and measurements diagram.
– Medical Malpractice, personal injury, motorcycle accident,<BR>left hip scarring, adult male, Brooklyn, NY.
– Cropped sample of camera position diagram from pedestrian/traffic assignment;<BR>Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, NY. Distance measurements, frame/image numbers<BR>and POV's of camera are indicated.
– Medical malpractice, scarred foot, adult male, Upper Eastside, Manhattan. Eight images: ID image [shown w/blur], 1-medium view, 5 cu views-1 w/ruler, and 1 view with shoe+insert.
– Personal injury, pedestrian, hotel parking ramp, Queens, NY.<BR>Documented various DOT, and ODOT distances plus ground level views<BR>with and w/o rulers, to show depth of site damage and adjacent surface conditions.
– Discovery & Inspection<BR>LIRR Engine yards, Jamaica, Queens, NY.<BR>Documentation involved exterior/multiple angle views,<BR>of railway engine, signage, walkways, boarding ladder<BR>and interior of operator’s cab.
– Boat yard, dock ramp negligence, slip-trip & fall case, Bronx, NY.
Documented various DOT & ODOT distances (this view opposite DOT);<BR>
plus side view (with and w/o rulers) to show degree of depression<BR>
as well as height of ramp step in background and distance to incident site.
– Pedestrian crossing accident, elderly male, GCP exit, Queens, NY.<BR>Documented exit ramp of parkway; driver POV at 250' increments,<BR>pedestrian POV of on-coming traffic, intersection signage and crossing signals.<BR>Digital diagram with measurements & camera positions also created.
– Medical malpractice, close-up, bottom of foot scarring,<BR>adult female, Bronx, NY.
– Negligence, maintenance, employee personal injury,<BR>restaurant basement storage area, Times Square, NYC.<BR>Access pattern, passageway clutter and lighting fixtures documented.
– Sidewalk, pedestrian injury, entrance to supermarket parking lot, Queens, NY.
Edited images included views of two entrances, disrepair, opposite & direction of travel,<BR>and digital diagram photo overlay with measurements.
(Side by side composite of the same view.)<BR>
– Pedestrian injury scene, manhole cover near bus stop, Bklyn., NY.<BR>The nature of the depression is hidden until a level and ruler are inserted.<BR>Two digital diagrams with measurements were also created.
– Typical photo overlay digital diagram of pedestrian accident site with measurements. B&W printout supplied with photographic color prints/views of scene; Hi-Res .pdf file available by request.<BR>(Street ID’s blurred for this sample.)
– Building maintenance; ceiling/wall water damage/repairs<BR> leading to staircase slip-trip & fall case, Brooklyn, NY.<BR>Hallway entrance, staircase, ceiling and floor surface views <BR>with & w/o rulers. (This view of ceiling, halfway up staircase,<BR>looking up to 2nd floor.)
– Automobile damage, towing service car lot, upper Manhattan.<BR>Full views of all four sides of vehicle, plus close-ups<BR>and vehicle ID's.
– Apartment maintenance; floor repair, slip-trip & fall, Bronx, NY.<BR>Dining room floor; 90º and ground level views with & w/o rulers; DOT & ODOT.<BR>(This view DOT dining room to bathroom.)
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Veracity is an “unwillingness to tell lies.”  — Joseph W. Neumayer
Legal Photography and
Evidence Documentation 

– Negligence • Slip, Trip & Fall
– Discovery and Inspection 
– Personal Injury • Scars 
– Product Liability
– Medical Malpractice 
– Accident Scenes
– Intellectual Property:
     patents • copyright • trademarks
– Landlord • Tenant
– Construction Site and Environmentals

   Will Signing and Day-in-the-Life

• Photos are taken with AND without
  rulers for admissibility purposes.
• Photos show direction of travel, 
  opposite direction of travel and 
  other angles.
• Measurements are taken for the
  "Notice of Claim" and digital, photo
  overlay diagrams are supplied.
• Digital files are archived by the
  studio to preserve chain of custody. 
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